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It is a peer-to-peer, version-controlled file system based on the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). This program uses MerkleDag, BitSwap, and Distributed Hash Tables. Juan Bennet of Protocol Labs invented IPFS in 2015. IPFS is currently the foundation for future applications.

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Deepchain Labs Enabled Block Exchange
Enabled Block Exchange
It creates an incentive for charitable contributions and penalizes resource demands. This facilitates data retrieval for IPFS nodes.
Deepchain Labs Merkle DAG
Merkle DAG
It supports a Merkle Tree or Merkle DAG similar to GIT which and it distributes file change monitoring over a network. The cryptographic hash addresses the data.
Deepchain Labs DHT Usecase
DHT Usecase
A distributed hash table enables any network node to request a hash key's value (DHT). This technique stores and retrieves data in a network. This structure includes hash tables.
Deepchain Labs IPFS Nodes
IPFS Nodes
Hashes each node's public key to identify it. Everyone on the network saves locally. Each node has a distributed hash table to discover other peers and data (DHT).

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