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Travel and Tourism

Blockchain is gaining traction as a powerful technological force that has the potential to transform the travel industry.

Blockchain-based services are already isolating major pain points in a highly fragmented industry such as travel and tourism. It should come as no surprise that this industry is divided into sections. Consider things like flights, hotels, and car rentals, among other factors. So how can blockchain help? These services can help the industry overcome obstacles by resolving common issues and streamlining processes, all while creating a more equitable ecosystem that avoids gatekeepers.

However, the impact of the technology is more than theoretical, with multiple businesses disrupting several nodes in the industry's supply chain.

Expedia and Priceline, two major travel service aggregators, dominate airfare bookings. However, both travelers and airlines will pay a high price for this. Because of their largely unchallenged status as gatekeepers, booking through these websites frequently includes hefty fees and surcharges. Blockchain-based startups aim to dethrone these entrenched behemoths by posing a challenge to their role as industry middlemen.

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