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The world of digital advertising is constantly changing. Consumers are demanding more effort be made to secure their data and privacy as marketers look for ways to get their ads in front of their target audience and increase conversions.

Consumers are attempting to reclaim control of their online experience by using everything necessary including adblockers to prevent unwanted banner ads from following them across the internet every time they express interest in something as well as demanding more transparency about the type of data collected while they browse.

At its core, blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology that encourages decentralization while also ensuring security and transparency. 1When a digital record is placed on the blockchain, it becomes immutable, meaning that anyone with access can view but not change the transactions. Advertisers can use a blockchain to keep track of ad spending since it stores information and records transactions in real-time. 2In the end, this may be able to provide a level of transparency that current methods cannot match.

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