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A Lite paper is a summarized version of a whitepaper that remains applicable to both technical and business whitepapers. It reports the contents of a whitepaper in brief which allows users to read the fundamentals of a project at a shorter time and lets them decide if they would like to proceed with checking the whitepaper. Our researchers are involved in developing Lite papers for all Blockchain and DApp related projects.

Our Business Analysis process

Why choose our Light Paper service

Project Goal Focused

Our lite papers address the issue's relevancy and clearly outline the project's aim. The solution mentioned in our lite papers is fact-checked via thorough scalability analysis and SDG goals.

Relevant Statistics

The researchers in DCL are obligated to maintain relevance in data collection for developing all Lite Papers. The Market figures we provide in the Lite Papers are feasible towards the solution we want to provide for our Clients.

Token Prioritization

The token is one of the most important aspects of Lite papers and all its details are mainly highlighted based on supply cap, work mechanism, and sale dates.

View of Roadmap

We emphasize our team’s plan and ongoing projects in our Lite Papers. Also, our Clients receive an illustration of the long-time future of their projects, which can help them acquire interest from investors.

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