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BRS is the documents that enlist the objectives of the business that the client is trying to achieve. It is also accompanied by the project key targets and also the performance expectations of the products or system. BRS shows how the business requirements of the client are met on a larger scale. Our goal in DeepChain Labs is to produce quality BRS that can help in understanding all fundamental needs of our clients

Our Business Analysis process

Why choose our BRS service

Project Scope Indexing

The BRS we develop helps to identify the overall Projects scope and merit that can satisfy the client's needs at a wider level. OR the brs we develop generally consists of the complete scope of the project, the performance requirements and usability, the purpose of the product, the functions of the product, the features of the product and the users, the scope of the work, and the humanity requirements

Workflow Management

Our developed BRS helps to set up organizing data more clearly and provides graphical representations to help in visualizing processes or products.

Data Archiving

We provide data archiving for legacy data or information and also help in the analysis of existing data to find relevancy for projects.

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